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Learn what works in leading youth and young adults

As leaders, as we consider the different demographics we strive to bring to Jesus Christ, the youth (and young adults) are who most people worry about the most. 

There is research and proven tactics to effectively lead youth in a way that will give them a better chance in mortality. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer: we simply need to better understand how to lead them back to core principles and doctrines. 

The Young Saints virtual conference is a collection of over 20 powerful sessions into the most effective and most relevant ways to lead the rising generation in our Latter-day Saints community today.

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Featuring Two Members of the YM/YW General Advisory Council

of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

We were pleased to have individuals of the General Young Men and Young Women organization reach out to us desiring to participate in this summit. 

Yvonne Hubert and Peter Vidmar will both be presenting as part of the summit. 

Yvonne Hubert

Peter Vidmar


Check out our remarkable speakers, each of whom was carefully selected to contribute a valuable perspective on leading young Latter-day Saints. Many have written books, conducted research, or simply led youth or young adults in a real-world setting.
Leading Youth to Have Impact on the World
Yvonne Hubert
Young Women General Advisory Counsel
Leading Youth to Have Impact on the World
Peter Vidmar
Young Men General Advisory Counsel
Pointing Youth to Christ
Al Carraway
Author & Speaker
Helping Youth Own Their Spirituality
Donald Kelly
Author & Podcaster
Teaching Youth With Purpose
Bruce Chang, PhD.
CES Institute Director
Latter-day Saint Youth & Suicide
Michael Goodman
Youth Researcher
From Youth Worker to Youth Mentor
Dan Duckworth
Leadership Coach
Combating Youth Loneliness
Andrea Davis
The Impact of Religion & Parenting Styles on Latter-day Saint Youth
Mark Ogletree, PhD.
Youth Researcher
How to be a Powerful Modern-day Missionary
Dakota Pierce
How to Use Smartphones to Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Brandon Comstock
CES Instructor
Youth Inside & Outside of Utah
Justin Dyer, PhD.
Youth Researcher
Teaching & Connecting with Youth
Derek Crimin
Seminary & Institute Teacher
The Struggles of Youth
Smith Alley
Helping Youth Understand Jesus Christ's Grace
Mitchell Taylor
How to be a Powerful Modern-day Missionary
Matthew Spurrier
How are Latter-day Saint Youth Unique?
Sam Hardy, PhD.
Youth Researcher
Getting Going with Youth Goal Booklets
LeAnn Hunt
Author & Coach
Helping Youth in an Online World
Jen Yorgason Thatcher, M.S.
BYU Adjunct Faculty
Talking to Youth About Pornography
Jolene Winn
Life Coach
Leading Youth as a Team
Jolana Johnson
Youth Sports Coach
Understanding God's Pattern for Leading Youth
Rachelle Sorensen
Parent & Youth Coach
I've Been Called to Lead Youth - Now What?
Ben Bernards

What You'll Learn

How to lead youth and young adults in 2022 and beyond.

Smith Alley, Speaker

The Struggles of Youth

     Smith's personal journey through shame

     Youth trying to be "normal" isn't working

     Replace bad habits with service

     Shame manifests itself through life "papercuts"

Peter Vidmar, Young Men General Advisory Council

Developing Youth Leaders

     How to prepare youth for mission leadership

     The power of weekly presidency meetings

     Developing trust between youth and leaders

     What does success look like for youth?

Mark Ogletree, PhD., Youth Researcher

The Impact of Religion & Parenting Styles on Latter-day Saint Youth

     How Satan is focusing on our youth

     How our youth compare to other faiths' youth

     What do you think about the Sabbath day?

     The most effective leadership & parenting styles

Al Carraway, Author & Speaker

Pointing Youth to Christ

     Helping Youth Know the "Now What?"

     Creating a personal relationship with Christ

     Why talking about Jesus is not enough

     Offering youth strength through scripture

Dakota Pierce & Matthew Spurrier, Authors

How to be a Powerful Modern-day Missionary

     Prepare for a mission that isn't perfect

     Look forward to mission companions

     Teaching youth to set goals & make plans

     Why differences are strengths

Sam Hardy, PhD, Youth Researcher

How do Latter-day Saint youth compare to other religious youth?

     Are Latter-day Saint more honest than other youth?

     Does religion cause more shame?

     Where are Latter-day Saint youth most unique?

     How does porn and immorality impact youth?

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